Sibel Köse
About Sibel Köse
Sibel Köse is Turkey’s First Lady of Jazz. Raised in Ankara and mainly self taught, she has emerged as Turkey’s top female jazz vocalist. Her rich deep tones resonate with every interpertaion and she is a master at improvisation.

While still a student of Architecture at METU University, she began performing professionally. She built her experience and knowledge singing alongside major Jazz masters and further developed her craft participating in International Jazz Workshops, festivals and competitions and was awarded the first prize in the International Competition of Jazz Vocalists’ in Zamosc (Poland) in 1992.

Sibel Köse performs regularly in concerts, festivals, radio and TV programs, accompanied by veteran jazz musicians. She participates in several groups and projects as the lead voice and is featured by groups and organisations from trios to big bands within Turkey as well as abroad. So far she has performed at several venues in Poland, France, Holland, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Kuwait, Bahrein, Dubai, Russia, Senegal, Morocco and South Africa. Sibel Köse is a regular participant in the major festivals within Turkey and Internationally.

Köse’s talent and skill as a musician is matched only by her gift as a teacher and her dedication to Jazz music. Her “Jazz Vocal Workshops” in Istanbul are just part of her contribution to the growth and proliferation of Jazz music and education in Turkey.